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Dragoslav Simic

Longtime editor of documentary programmes on Radio Belgrade 2

He started the author edition of documentaries composed of one hundred titles and named "Books that talk" about people and events from the political and cultural history of Yugoslavia and Serbia in the 20th century. See "Books that talk."

Outstanding emissions:

"Yugoslavia - a short review 1918-1991", "Catholic Serbs", "Goli Otok of Miljusa Jovanovic," "The students’ year 1968", "The stoker from Auschwitz," "The trial of Draza Mihailovic", "Belgrade circle", "Forbidden books of Desimir Tosic", "The Englishwoman in Rusanj", "October 5, 2000", "Governor Avramovic," and others.

Published books:

- Women's camp on Goli Otok, co-author with Bosko Trifunovic, 1990;
- Live autobiographies from Slobodan Jovanovic till now, 2007 (book and CD);
- The schism in the ether, on the conflicts in the Serbian church in America, according to the sound documentation of Major Nikola Kosic. This book won the award for journalism from the Association of journalists of Serbia for the year 2007
- He collaborated on the book "Nineteen Sixty-Eight - personal histories", Belgrade, 2008. See the soundtrack "The students’ year 1968".

Winner of "The Golden Microphone" RTS Award for 2007

Dragan Simić

Dragan Simić

Dragoslav A. Simic now and then

All about this site

This virtual museum was founded in 2009. At the time I did not know that the will to succeed was not enough and that finances were also necessary. A website needs to be maintained: the webmaster, audio engineer, designer and translator for the English version of the site are not close relatives. The website domain and address are not my property. The only work that is free is that of authoring these lines.

At the time I began it was important for me to see the realization of my dream: to preserve the speech and language from the radio shows that were to be made available to everyone on the planet. There are 1,000 links to my radio documentary program that has recorded voices: an oral history.

My entire professional life’s work has been devoted to the art of radio.

In all the work involved in the production of a site, I had no experience. All I knew was that I did not want to make of the site a billboard for advertisements.


Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, created an open encyclopedia that belongs to everyone. In an appeal addressed to the users of his website he asked that they please consider making a donation to sustain Wikipedia.

My site was not built with the intention for it to be compared with Wikipedia. Your small donation, however, the only similarity I share with Wikipedia, would go towards the maintenance of this site. It would be received with gratitude. Intangible cultural heritage is a project of humanity, the goal of which may also be reached on this site:

“Where did all those years, all those people go when we are gone...?”
writer Milosz Czeslaw asks with good reason. That question has been partly resolved through the emergence of electronic communications, among which this site takes its place. Support it lest the darkness of oblivion consume everything.

Your benevolence will assist this great project undertaken in Belgrade through the effort of one content producer.

Correspondence is invited via email:
Dragoslav A. Simic

From Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales: “This year, please consider making a donation of €5, €10, €20 or whatever you can to protect and sustain Wikipedia.” My site www.audioifotoarhiv.com will be grateful if it receives but one dinar.

To add a lighter note, it is easier to think to music.
This is my favorite song.
"O bella ciao"

Listen:      (mp3)

This recording was made in the Italian Alps in the 1960’s; I obtained the record with this and other recordings in Trieste from members of the Slovenian audience in 1977.

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constitutes a form of
intangible culture.
It is sustained
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Online editor:
Dragoslav Simić

Any responses to or comments on this web page may be sent to the editor of this site: Dragoslav Simic, sicke41@gmail.com. Your correspondence may be published.

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