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About the website www.audioifotoarhiv.com

General information

This is a website created by and dedicated to Dragoslav Simic who has been for many years editor at the documentary program of Radio Belgrade 2, who is the author of several books and a number of documentary radiophonic pieces on people and events which have marked the 20th century.

This website is an Internet presentation of his work offering an important number of selected professionally produced items and a large number of audio and photo documents. The presented materials are not limited to Mr. Simic's professional opus, as many documents – and this needs to be particularly stressed – come from private archives, such as preserved audio archives in Serbian language from the period before and after the World War II.

The website is conceived to lead visitors from the introductory page to a chosen content of interest via its visual display in the form of an open book with 20 sections:

  • Information;
  • Quick and easy tour of the website;
  • New on the website;
  • Power of radio;
  • New projects;
  • Letters of others;
  • Author's biography;
  • American archive of Nikola Kosic;
  • Lectures at The Ilija M. Kolarac Foundation (Kolarčeva zadužbina)
  • Friends of the website
  • The Speaking Books
  • Guests of the website;
  • Photographs;
  • Radio shows from the collection;
  • Radio reviews;
  • Family audio archives;
  • Have you read these books?
  • Promotions;
  • Archives of the website;
  • Do you like short stories?

At first, the visitor might find such a vast number of basic sections confusing, but after the first glance, and referring to the "Quick and easy tour of the website" tool which proposes full guidance in the form of alphabetical index, it becomes obvious that what we have in front of us is a valuable presentation unique in these geographies.

The author and his team deserve a special recognition for their dedicated efforts in identifying historical sources; thus, at the beginning of 2010, they have discovered a recording of the direct radio broadcast of King Alexander's funeral transmitted from the streets of Belgrade by German reporters.

The appearance of such Internet presentations in Serbia sure is encouraging, brought to life greatly owing to the existence of new technologies and contemporary methods of handling the historic sources which enable merging of materials kept in official institutions, like archives, museums and libraries, with documents from private collections; all of it does create a new concept in the field of collecting and the use of historical sources.

By Slobodan Mandic, historian

The site
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intangible culture.
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Online editor:
Dragoslav Simić

Any responses to or comments on this web page may be sent to the editor of this site: Dragoslav Simic, sicke41@gmail.com. Your correspondence may be published.

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